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Cogito is complete solution for high-quality training data to be used in machine learning for artificial intelligence related various needs. Cogito is involved in Data collection, Data categorization and Data enrichment services for different needs. Cogito also provides various services like, audio video transcription, visual search, content moderation, healthcare training, virtual assistant training, contact center services, image annotation, medical imaging services for healthcare sector and other industries at affordable pricing.

Live Annotation Service with Fastest Delivery of Labelled Data

Cogito is providing live annotation services for machine learning with real-time data labeling and annotation for all types of texts, images and videos. This is kind of annotation service is quick turnaround time and delivery of annotated data within the prescribed time limit as per the client’s request for training…
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Cogito • May 13 2019

Cogito Virtual Contact Center Services

Cogito Tech offers a complete solution for Virtual Contact Center Services. Expert for Inbound Outbound Outsourcing Solutions, Cogito provides the voice, SMS, email, web chat and fax based contact center services for wide range of industries including telecom, Ecommerce, FMCG, Financial Services, NBFC, Healthcare and Government departments.Cogito provides its virtual…
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Cogito • May 06 2019

Hire Project Based Machine Learning Engineer

Hire Machine Learning Engineers with Cogito for developing the right AI model as per the preferred location and needs. Cogito is providing the world-class machine learning data scientists to companies looking for such high-end engineers at contract basis. It is involve in recruitment and manpower supply of machine learning engineer to...
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Cogito • Apr 15 2019

Virtual Assistant Training Services with High-quality Data Sets

Virtual Assistant Training services offered by Cogito with high-quality data sets gathered from various reliable sources to develop such virtual assistance machines that can automatically answer the different types of questions of humans. Cogito provides an AI-based virtual assistant training through machine learning training with right algorithms and data sets.Cogito...
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Cogito • Mar 05 2019

How to Get Best Quality Chatbot Training Data Set?

Chatbot training data need to develop such applications and virtual training customer support app. Cogito is providing the high-quality training datasets for Chatbot training for various industries. Cogito gathers the highly relevant data from various sources and make it usable in training the machine learning or computer like Chatbot or...
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Cogito • Feb 20 2019