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Hire Project Based Machine Learning Engineer

Hire Machine Learning Engineers with Cogito for developing the right AI model as per the preferred location and needs. Cogito is providing the world-class machine learning data scientists to companies looking for such high-end engineers at contract basis. It is involve in recruitment and manpower supply of machine learning engineer to companies looking for part-time professionals to develop ML models as per their preferred location.

The engineers hired by Cogito are fully responsible for developing the AI-based systems as per the business needs of the company. These engineers study and understand the business model of the companies and try to build the right model while considering the customize needs and other requirements of such companies helping them to have such models at lowest cost.

Job Responsibilities of Machine Learning Engineers Provided by Cogito    

·        Understand the data structures and software architecture.

·        Study and transform data science prototypes and algorithms.

·        Responsible for ML model development with right coding

·        Training datasets selection and data representation.

·        Architecture Design for ML model Applications.

·        Involved in ML Model training and testing and deployment.

·        Research and implementation of data and algorithms.

·        Fully Responsible for customize ML application development.

·        Analyzing the complex datasets and extract the key statistics.

·        Troubleshooting the issues comes into ML training of new model.

Cogito is expert in hiring the best machine learning engineer from the talented pool of leading engineering colleges and research centers helping AI companies to get the right candidate as per the budget and customize needs. With Cogito companies can hire all leading machine learning experts, programmer, python machine learning engineer, machine learning freelancer or developers for azure machine learning feature engineering for their companies.


Cogito • 2019 Apr 15

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