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Virtual Assistant Training Services with High-quality Data Sets

Virtual Assistant Training services offered by Cogito with high-quality data sets gathered from various reliable sources to develop such virtual assistance machines that can automatically answer the different types of questions of humans. Cogito provides an AI-based virtual assistant training through machine learning training with right algorithms and data sets.

Cogito is specialized in data collection and classification of virtual assistant training data for various industries like healthcare, retail, banking and other sectors. Cogito backed virtual assistant applications can perform multiple types daily at higher accuracy. From appointment booking to playing a favorite music tracks, you can do multiple things. And below here you can find what are the other tasks you can performed with Virtual Assistant developed with help of training data sets provided by Cogito tech.

Tasks can be Performed with Virtual Assistant:

·        Receive or Make Phone Calls

·        Add Events on Calendar

·        Control Smart Home Devices

·        Add items in to-do lists

·        Create Text Messages

·        Get Directions on Maps

·        Check Weather Conditions

·        Hear Latest News Anywhere

·        Check Flight Schedules

·        Request and Play Songs

·        Find Hotels or Restaurants 

Cogito is purely involved in providing the training data sets to develop such virtual assistant applications. It can collect data and classify them with data enrichment to make it available for actual needs. And the virtual assistant services trading data provided by the Cogito is highly accurate and useful for developing the virtual assistant applications that can perform with best performance and can give the most suitable answers for various questions.      


Cogito • 2019 Mar 05

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